3rd AUGUST 2017

We’re happy to announce that the internationally acclaimed trumpeter and composer NATE WOOLEY from New York City is going to develop his ambitious “Seven Storey Mountain” series at A L’ARME! VOL.V! The composition for large ensemble is the fifth of seven evening length works that began in 2007 and continues Wooley’s idea of creating an ecstatic and communal music that is non-religious and non-genre based. The massive collective group includes international stars from the avant-garde jazz, new music, electro-acoustic, and noise movements – working together to realize Wooley’s singular musical vision. At Radialsystem V, he will premiere a true supergroup of American, Australian, Canadian and European sound-artists:

Nate Wooley (US) trumpet
C. Spencer Yeh (US) violin
Samara Lubelski (US) violin
Liz Allbee (DE) electronics
Steve Heather (DE) vibraphone
Emilio Gordoa (DE) vibraphone
Ryan Sawyer (US) drums
Chris Corsano (US) drums
Marc Unternährer (CH) tuba
Colin Stetson (CA) bass saxophone
Chris Heenan (DE) contrabass clarinet
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (DE) trombone
Matthias Muche (DE) trombone
Matthias Müller (DE) trombone
Hilary Jeffrey (DE) trombone
Lina Allemano (DE) trumpet
Nathan Plante (DE) trumpet
Nils Ostendorf (DE) trumpet
Damir Bacikin (DE) trumpet