Mark your calendars — American/British guitar legend and singer/songwriter THURSTON MOORE who will also perform in Duo with Caspar Brötzmann at Berghain on the Festival’s opening night, will have the opportunity to present his latest work on the Festival-Friday. Reviewing his recently released album “Rock N Roll Consciousness” (out since April 28th on Ecstatic Peace!), music journalist Sassan Niasseri wrote in Rolling Stone Magazine that Moore “has not come across this self-assured since Sonic Youth”. (“Derart zielsicher wirkte er seit dem Ende von Sonic Youth noch nie”).


The so-called Thurston Moore Group which is made up of top musicians who have worked together with Moore for decades, such as bass guitar heroine Debbie Googe from “My Bloody Valentine” and “Sonic Youth” drummer Steve Shelly, celebrate a contemporary form that’s a fresh mixture of no-wave, rock’n’roll and a veritable guitar orgy, and it’s sure to rattle the walls of the sacred main hall of Radialsystem V. Due to limited capacities of our charming venue down by the river, we recommend to use the pre-sale! Save your seats and join the great meditation on 4th August 2017!


Thurston Moore (US/UK) — electric guitar, vocals
Debbie Googe (UK) — electric bass
James Sedwards (UK) — electric guitar
Steve Shelley (UK) — drums


By special arrangement with Ecstatic Peace Library, A L’ARME! Festival will present the Thurston Moore Group’s official Berlin launch of “Rock N Roll Consciousness” limited edition book & album!