The Friday night of the festival will be dedicated to rock, noise and free improvisation with two exclusive album releases!

Opening the night Berlin’s super guitarist Caspar Brötzmann with Italian bass player Massimo Pupillo and Berlin-based, Swiss drummer, Alexandre Babel together on stage after three years to launch their long-awaited first album: Live At Candybomber Studio Vol. I (LP / DL on Karlrecords).

In September 2014 Caspar, Massimo and Alex met for the first time in person and played at »Candy Bomber Studio« Berlin. It was three days of intense recordings, long improvised tracks, great synergy and mutual understanding. At the end, the results were great and way too much for one record! The power trio played only two shows – in Berlin and in Amsterdam, and that´s all they did until now. We are so glad to have their third show on Friday 4th at A L’ARME! Festival.

This will be power in motion, guaranteed!