The extended Saturday night at Radialsystem V hearkens back to the start of this year’s festival and the idea of bringing together disparate art forms.

The exceptional Chemnitz-based cult electronic label raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton (now: RASTER MEDIA) – the prototype for the unique interrelationship of experimental electronic music and its audio-visual aesthetic – completes the circle. More than any other, the label founded by Carsten Nicolai, Olaf Bender and Frank Bretschneider has tested, pushed and broken down boundaries. The search for extremes and the blurring of borders through in-depth contact with the fine arts are topics that these artists continue to shape to this day. The label’s founders were particularly obsessed with the formal limits of music itself: a raster-noton showcase is both an audio-visual installation and a concert, and at the same time a club night, somewhere between a dance floor and an art gallery.

The intricate, thumping, funky sounds and abstract animations of OLAF BENDER aka BYETONE’S live show promise to draw you in and get you hooked. RASTER-NOTON forefather Frank Bretschneider and A L’ARME resident DJ Mieko Suzuki will play special hypnotic DJ sets with impressive sound design. The beginning is the end is the beginning: voices will be cyclically looped and incorporated and the artists will join forces to bring the festival to a heterogeneous and extremely exciting conclusion. Don’t miss it!