In January 2017, the experimental road movie 'Toutes Directions' by Billy Roisz and dieb13/Dieter Kovacic had its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam – the soundtrack for this movie was a collaboration between Roisz / dieb13 and Radian, the first time the two ensembles joined forces - although there had been numerous previous collaborations by individual members, like a longlasting collaboration of Roisz, Kovacic and Siewert in the audio-visual ensemble Efzeg, 'micro-macro' by Billy Roisz and Martin Brandlmayr or 'Fake the Facts' comprised of dieb13, Siewert and Mats Gustafsson.

Now for the first time the Quintet 'Radian + Billy Roisz and dieb13' brings together these separate and common musical and visual activities into a live project: Image, sound, remix, re-synthesis - using both contemporary digital- as well as dated analogue technology – all applied both to the sound and visual levels of the synaesthetic experience.

SHOOTING MUSIC and PLAYING FILM so to say, with the disciplines / techniques / artistic strategies intertwined. Equipped with video-fuzzbox and frame-sampler, Radian + Roisz/dieb13 will make all these approaches fuse and culminate in a synaesthetical and synecstatical media-meltdown.

3th August, Radialsystem V

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