* Photo: Juliane Schütz
** Photo: J.Léandre
*** Photo: Carmina Escobar
“Earth, Wind and Fire” is a band name already taken, but still accurate in describing the three members of ROLFSSON/LÉANDRE/HARNIK. Like elements coexisting on stage, music somehow begins and shapes. They all have met in music before, but never as a Trio. There might be generations between them, yet something coherent in their musical-language and in their approach of finding the freedom of the moment. “Tender Music” is the title of the latest release of free music heroines Joëlle Léandre and Elisabeth Harnik on Trost Records from Vienna. At A L’ARME! Festival Vol. VI, they are gonna meet up with the Swedish Trondheim-based percussionst Matilda Rolfsson for the first time as a Three!

3th August, Radialsystem V

MATILDA ROLFSSON (SE/NO) — percussion *
JOËLLE LÉANDRE (FR) — double-bass **

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