Congratulations to Hanna, Ellen and Rohey who just received the Norwegian Grammy award Spellemannprisen!

We are excited to announce that GURLS will join our opening night at the Holzmarkt/Säälchen on the 31st July! Describing their sound as Vocal Jazz is an understatement. GURLS is a Norwegian power trio comprised of the stellar Rohey Taalah on vocals, bass player Ellen Andrea Wang and Hanna Paulsberg on tenor saxophone who are not afraid of being straightforward when they present their self-ironic songs on topics such as background singers, pork chop lovers, good-looking boy yodellers, or being single. Here three of Norway’s busiest musicians get together in what they themselves have called a musical breather, and the result will make you want to laugh, sway your hips and maybe even blush a bit. GURLS - singing about boys and girls.

»Run Boy, Run« truly is a masterpiece. Get your copy on the 31st July at A L'ARME! Festival Vol.VII

Hanna Paulsberg (NO) — tenor saxophone, vocals
Rohey Taalah (NO) — vocals
Ellen Andrea Wang (NO) — double-bass, vocals