Eye for an eye: EX EYE

Components of free jazz and the remains of blackened metal, organized according to the logic of math rock and compressed through a steamroller of noise: this is EX EYE, a group that defines itself as a “post-everything quartet” led by saxophone virtuoso COLIN STETSON with GREG FOX on the drums, multi-instrumentalist SHAHZAD ISMAILY on synthesizers, and TOBY SUMMERFIELD on electric guitar. On their eponymous debut album, EX EYE takes centrifugal force and gravity off the hinges. Through frenetic deadlock of their highly complex cluster of nested sound they are able to generate a one-of-a-kind energy field that unfolds with equal parts crushing power, hypnotic effects and thrilling impact. If a black hole could make music, it would sound like this.

3rd August at radialsystem: EX EYE

Els Vandeweyer (DE/BE) — marimba, vibraphone, percussion
Colin Stetson (CN) – alto & bass saxophone
Greg Fox (US) – drums
Shahzad Ismaily (US) – synthesizer
Toby Summerfield (US) – electric guitar