Matana Roberts is a saxophonist, composer, a sound and concept artist, and is obsessed with the way the past influences our present. She sees her work in all of these areas both as field research and political intervention. In 2016, Roberts recorded a series of saxophone performances in subway stations, giving them titles that highlight the struggle between Native Americans and their colonizers – a struggle that continues on to this day. Roberts’ monumental “Coin Coin” project, which is currently comprised of three chapters, burrows through the layers of history, uncovers the continuity of repression and grievances, and assembles sound collages in trouble spots to create scenarios that can be as threatening as they are liberating. There is no doubt: Matana Roberts is one of the most important voices of her generation.

MATANA ROBERTS SOLO at Radialsystem Berlin on the 2nd August!


© Photo by Paula Court