Raphael Kariuki aka DJ Raph is not only an active player on the music scene in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi, but is also one of that scene’s most exceptional products. He is a musician, producer and DJ, a genealogist and a trendsetter. In his work, DJ Raph focuses on the superimposition of contexts, atemporal effects and the symbiosis of core principles. His music is imbued with the cultural heritage of the entire African continent. The result of his combining musical ethnography with field recordings and beat science is at once archaic and futuristic. The culmination of this approach up to now has been his album “Sacred Groves”, which was released in 2018 and gets the metaphorical holy groves of the motherland swinging with the power of groove. It is traditional, contemporary, transcendent. Like everything DJ Raph does.

2nd August at Radialsystem! Tune In!

Sacred Groves Bandcamp


Photo by Balal Milla