Originally conceived as a one-off at Amsterdam's legendary October Meeting 2016 at the Bimhuis, it quickly was clear that the Dutch multi-instrumentalists and performers Oscar Jan Hoogland and Jasper Stadhouders as well as Berlin's stellar percussionist Christian Lillinger must continue the madness. Since then, the Trio occasionally presents an innovative performance concept which they like to call PRACTICAL MUSIC - ranging from minutes of flux to hours of free music.

Equipped with a whole army of sound-making devices, guitars, clavichord and drums, they push the boundaries and question the essence of improvisation in a sheer hilarious way. Expect the unexpected!

After the grand Festival opening at the Holzmarkt, PRACTICAL MUSIC will introduce the first evening at radialsystem in an installative context on Thursday, the 1.August. Watch out — concert starts 18:00 sharp!

Oscar Jan Hoogland (NL) - record players, slot machine, analogue synth, electric clavichord, megaphones, tape recorders, intonarumori, sirens
Jasper Stadhouders (NL) - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, mandoline, kologo
Christian Lillinger (DE) - drums, percussion


Photos by Govert Driessen