Tristan Honsinger is a living legend. As a cellist, composer and performance artist, the Berlin-based American has been involved in some of the most significant developments in improvised music since the early 70s. His work is characterized by the mutually influential collaboration with international key figures of this music such as Cecil Taylor, Derek Bailey, Misha Mengelberg and countless others. What makes Honsinger's work unique and groundbreaking is his idea of combining music and theatre in an unprecedented way that can best be described in his own words: “Making music and theatre one".

As simple as such a statement may sound, it is a lifelong and proven artistic practice for Honsinger, since it was the core of his work throughout his whole career. His ideas have predecessors: Samuel Beckett had a good feel for music, which gave the actor pauses to observe, Eugène Ionescu explored the “absurd”, and Cecil Taylor integrated movements and poetry into his music, but no one has yet pushed the process of combining spoken words and music on the basis of improvisation as far as Honsinger.

The name HOPSCOTCH derives from the internationally known children's jumping game and is his newest and probably most advanced music theatre project developed together with a who-is-who of the Berlin real-time music scene. At A L’ARME!, the ensemble will present an interdisciplinary premiere with a variety of special guests such as the Japanese Butoh heroine Hisako Horikawa, tap dancer Mano Hiroki or the Dutch-Indonesian chef Ciska Jansen.

1st August at radialsystem

Tristan Honsinger (DE/US) — cello, vocals, composition
Axel Dörner (DE) — trumpet, acting
Tobias Delius (DE/GB) — clarinet, tenor saxophone, vocals
Antonio Borghini (DE/IT) — double-bass, acting
Klaus Kürvers (DE) — double-bass, acting
Kalle Mews (DE) — drums, acting
Ciska Jansen (DE/NL) — cooking, vocals, acting
Steve Heather (DE/AUS) — percussion, vocals, acting
Izumi Ose (DE/JP) — vocals, keyboard
Hiroki Mano (DE/JP) — tap dance
Hisako Horikawa (JP) — dance, voice, acting
Jochem Hartz (NL) — acting, voice, stage design
Franziska Hoffmann (DE) – acting, violin


Photo © Viola Förster-Lühe