Groupshow is not a band, it’s a method. Jan Jelinek, Hanno Leichtmann and Andrew Pekler – all of them extremely active and established protagonists in Berlin’s alternative electronic music scene – use this method to investigate the act of the modular interconnection of electronics, acoustics, percussion, guitar, samplers, improvisation and synapses, of different personalities and their constantly changing communication with one another.

Groupshow is a praxis that only finds its true meaning in live performances and can and must redefine the rules of the game and reinvent its own universe of sound from the ground up every time. The journey is the destination and the outcome is unknown. Fewer answers, more questions!

1st August at radialsystem

Jan Jelinek (DE) — sampler, effects, mixer
Hanno Leichtmann (DE) — electronic percussion, cymbals, loopers
Andrew Pekler (DE) — tabletop guitar, synthesizer, effect pedals