With her widely acclaimed debut album »Love is yours is mine« (Unit 2016), the Berlin-based Dutch composer and singer Kiki Manders already made a clear statement: She doesn’t fit into any category. Her voice is both powerful and fragile and she uses it in several ways, sometimes singing, sometimes as a recitative.

On her new album »Universe In A Shoebox«, Manders presents herself as the creative source of a delicate kaleidoscopic sound world, which brings musical finesse and sophisticated storytelling together: »If the universe would fit in a shoebox, how unbelievably small would we human beings be?«, Manders wonders, and with absolute confidence she finds the perfect balance between a melodic poetic world and a flow of abstractness, singing in both English and in Venlo dialect, the charming language with which Manders grew up and in which she can express herself best. Alternating between improvisation and composition, between the given and the free, in search of different soundscapes combining them into one - always in service of the songs.

»And that’s how Manders’ version of Der Mond ist Aufgegangen - cool and touching at the same time - fits perfectly to a trivial prophecy the author couldn’t resist: with Kiki Manders not only the moon, but also another star in the sky of jazz vocals has risen, wanna bet?« JAZZTHETIK Magazin, 2019.

On the 3rd August, she will be accompanied by her long-time comrades-in-arms Philipp Braemswig & Jonathan Ihlenfeld Cuniado on electric guitar & bass as well as the world-renowned American star drummer and Berliner-by-choice Jim Black - in the cosy Studio A of radialsystem, first come, first serve!

Kiki Manders (DE/NL) - vocals
Philipp Brämswig (DE) - electric guitar
Jonathan Ihlenfeld Cuñado (DE) - electric bass
Jim Black (DE/US) - drums



Photo © Sonja Trabandt